• edit_r_profile() opens .Rprofile

  • edit_r_environ() opens .Renviron

  • edit_r_makevars() opens .R/Makevars

  • edit_git_config() opens .gitconfig or .git/config

  • edit_git_ignore() opens .gitignore

  • edit_rstudio_snippets() opens RStudio's snippet config for the given type.

  • edit_rstudio_prefs() opens RStudio's preference file.

edit_r_profile(scope = c("user", "project"))

edit_r_environ(scope = c("user", "project"))

edit_r_buildignore(scope = c("user", "project"))

edit_r_makevars(scope = c("user", "project"))

  type = c("r", "markdown", "c_cpp", "css", "html", "java", "javascript", "python",
    "sql", "stan", "tex")


edit_git_config(scope = c("user", "project"))

edit_git_ignore(scope = c("user", "project"))



Edit globally for the current user, or locally for the current project


Snippet type (case insensitive text).


Path to the file, invisibly.


The edit_r_*() functions consult R's notion of user's home directory. The edit_git_*() functions (and usethis in general) inherit home directory behaviour from the fs package, which differs from R itself on Windows. The fs default is more conventional in terms of the location of user-level Git config files. See fs::path_home() for more details.

Files created by edit_rstudio_snippets() will mask, not supplement, the built-in default snippets. If you like the built-in snippets, copy them and include with your custom snippets.