The issue_* family of functions allows you to perform common operations on GitHub issues from within R. They're designed to help you efficiently deal with large numbers of issues, particularly motivated by the challenges faced by the tidyverse team.

  • issue_close_community() closes an issue, because it's not a bug report or feature request, and points the author towards RStudio Community as a better place to discuss usage (

  • issue_reprex_needed() labels the issue with the "reprex" label and gives the author some advice about what is needed.

issue_close_community(number, reprex = FALSE)




Issue number


Does the issue also need a reprex?

Saved replies

Unlike GitHub's "saved replies", these functions can:

  • Be shared between people

  • Perform other actions, like labelling, or closing

  • Have additional arguments

  • Include randomness (like friendly gifs)


if (FALSE) {

issue_reprex_needed(241, reprex = TRUE)