Adds the necessary infrastructure to declare your package as licensed with one of these popular open source licenses:

  • CC0: dedicated to public domain. Appropriate for data packages.

  • MIT: simple and permissive.

  • Apache 2.0: provides patent protection.

  • GPL v3: requires sharing of improvements.

  • AGPL v3: requires sharing of improvements.

  • LGPL v3: requires sharing of improvements.

  • CCBY 4.0: Free to share and adapt, must give appropriate credit. Appropriate for data packages.

See for more details and other options.

use_mit_license(name = find_name())

use_gpl3_license(name = find_name())

use_agpl3_license(name = find_name())

use_lgpl_license(name = find_name())

use_apl2_license(name = find_name())

use_cc0_license(name = find_name())

use_ccby_license(name = find_name())



Name of the copyright holder or holders. Separate multiple individuals with ;. You can supply a global default with options(usethis.full_name = "My name").


CRAN does not allow you to include copies of standard licenses in your package, so these functions save the license as and add it to .Rbuildignore.

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