Sets Git options, for either the user or the project ("global" or "local", in Git terminology). Wraps gert::git_config_set() and gert::git_config_global_set(). To inspect Git config, see gert::git_config().

use_git_config(scope = c("user", "project"), ...)



Edit globally for the current user, or locally for the current project


Name-value pairs, processed as <dynamic-dots>.


Invisibly, the previous values of the modified components, as a named list.

See also

Other git helpers: use_git_hook(), use_git_ignore(), use_git()


if (FALSE) { # set the user's global and use_git_config( = "Jane", = "") # set the and locally, i.e. for current repo/project use_git_config( scope = "project", = "Jane", = "" ) }