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Populates the URL and BugReports fields of a GitHub-using R package with appropriate links. The GitHub repo to link to is determined from the current project's GitHub remotes:

  • If we are not working with a fork, this function expects origin to be a GitHub remote and the links target that repo.

  • If we are working in a fork, this function expects to find two GitHub remotes: origin (the fork) and upstream (the fork's parent) remote. In an interactive session, the user can confirm which repo to use for the links. In a noninteractive session, links are formed using upstream.


  auth_token = deprecated(),
  host = deprecated(),
  overwrite = FALSE


host, auth_token

[Deprecated]: No longer consulted now that usethis consults the current project's GitHub remotes to get the host and then relies on gh to discover an appropriate token.


By default, use_github_links() will not overwrite existing fields. Set to TRUE to overwrite existing links.


if (FALSE) {