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Creates a draft GitHub release for the current package. Once you are satisfied that it is correct, you will need to publish the release from GitHub. The key pieces of info are which commit / SHA to tag, the associated package version, and the relevant NEWS entries.

If you use devtools::release() or devtools::submit_cran() to submit to CRAN, information about the submitted state is captured in a CRAN-SUBMISSION or CRAN-RELEASE file. use_github_release() uses this info to populate the draft GitHub release and, after success, deletes the CRAN-SUBMISSION or CRAN-RELEASE file.

In the absence of such a file, we must fall back to assuming the current state (SHA of HEAD, package version, NEWS) is the submitted state.


use_github_release(host = deprecated(), auth_token = deprecated())


host, auth_token

[Deprecated]: No longer consulted now that usethis allows the gh package to lookup a token based on a URL determined from the current project's GitHub remotes.