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When preparing to release a package to CRAN there are quite a few steps that need to be performed, and some of the steps can take multiple hours. This function creates a checklist in a GitHub issue to:

  • Help you keep track of where you are in the process

  • Feel a sense of satisfaction as you progress towards final submission

  • Help watchers of your package stay informed.

The checklist contains a generic set of steps that we've found to be helpful, based on the type of release ("patch", "minor", or "major"). You're encouraged to edit the issue to customize this list to meet your needs.


  • If you want to consistently add extra bullets for every release, you can include your own custom bullets by providing an (unexported) release_bullets() function that returns a character vector. (For historical reasons, release_questions() is also supported).

  • If you want to check additional packages in the revdep check process, provide an (unexported) release_extra_revdeps() function that returns a character vector. This is currently only supported for Posit internal check tooling.


use_release_issue(version = NULL)



Optional version number for release. If unspecified, you can make an interactive choice.


if (FALSE) {