Derives a list of GitHub usernames, based on who has opened issues or pull requests. Used to populate the acknowledgment section of package release blog posts at All arguments can potentially be determined from the active project, if the project follows standard practices around the GitHub remote and GitHub releases. Unexported helper functions, releases() and ref_df() can be useful interactively to get a quick look at release tag names and a data frame about refs (defaulting to releases), respectively.

use_tidy_thanks(repo_spec = NULL, from = NULL, to = NULL)



GitHub repo specification in this form: owner/repo. Default is to infer from Git remotes of active project.

from, to

GitHub ref (i.e., a SHA, tag, or release) or a timestamp in ISO 8601 format, specifying the start or end of the interval of interest. Examples: "08a560d", "v1.3.0", "2018-02-24T00:13:45Z", "2018-05-01". NULL means there is no bound on that end of the interval.


A character vector of GitHub usernames, invisibly.


if (FALSE) { ## active project, interval = since the last release use_tidy_thanks() ## active project, interval = since a specific datetime use_tidy_thanks(from = "2018-02-24T00:13:45Z") ## r-lib/usethis, inteval = since a certain date use_tidy_thanks("r-lib/usethis", from = "2018-05-01") ## r-lib/usethis, up to a specific release use_tidy_thanks("r-lib/usethis", from = NULL, to = "v1.3.0") ## r-lib/usethis, since a specific commit, up to a specific date use_tidy_thanks("r-lib/usethis", from = "08a560d", to = "2018-05-14") }