Creates a new tutorial below inst/tutorials/. Tutorials are interactive R Markdown documents built with the learnr package. use_tutorial() does this setup:

  • Adds learnr to Suggests in DESCRIPTION.

  • Gitignores inst/tutorials/*.html so you don't accidentally track rendered tutorials.

  • Creates a new .Rmd tutorial from a template and, optionally, opens it for editing.

  • Adds new .Rmd to .Rbuildignore.

use_tutorial(name, title, open = interactive())



Base for file name to use for new .Rmd tutorial. Should consist only of numbers, letters, _ and -. We recommend using lower case.


The human-facing title of the tutorial.


Open the newly created file for editing? Happens in RStudio, if applicable, or via utils::file.edit() otherwise.

See also


if (FALSE) { use_tutorial("learn-to-do-stuff", "Learn to do stuff") }