use_version() increments the "Version" field in DESCRIPTION, adds a new heading to (if it exists), and commits those changes (if package uses Git). It makes the same update to a line like PKG_version = "x.y.z"; in src/version.c (if it exists).

use_dev_version() increments to a development version, e.g. from 1.0.0 to If the existing version is already a development version with four components, it does nothing. Thin wrapper around use_version().

use_version(which = NULL)




A string specifying which level to increment, one of: "major", "minor", "patch", "dev". If NULL, user can choose interactively.

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if (FALSE) { ## for interactive selection, do this: use_version() ## request a specific type of increment use_version("minor") use_dev_version() }