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Creates a new vignette or article in vignettes/. Articles are a special type of vignette that appear on pkgdown websites, but are not included in the package itself (because they are added to .Rbuildignore automatically).


use_vignette(name, title = name)

use_article(name, title = name)



Base for file name to use for new vignette. Should consist only of numbers, letters, _ and -. Lower case is recommended.


The title of the vignette.

General setup

  • Adds needed packages to DESCRIPTION.

  • Adds inst/doc to .gitignore so built vignettes aren't tracked.

  • Adds vignettes/*.html and vignettes/*.R to .gitignore so you never accidentally track rendered vignettes.

See also


if (FALSE) {
use_vignette("how-to-do-stuff", "How to do stuff")