Sets up continuous integration (CI) for an R package that is developed on GitHub using GitHub Actions. These functions

  • Add the necessary configuration files and place them in .Rbuildignore.

  • Provide the markdown to insert a badge into your README



use_github_actions_badge(name = "R-CMD-check")



The name to give to the GitHub Actions workflow.


Adds a basic R-CMD-check.yaml file to the .github/workflows directory of a package. This is a configuration file for the GitHub Actions service.


Sets up tidyverse actions that check the R versions officially supported by the tidyverse, (current release, devel and four previous versions). It also adds two commands to be used in pull requests, \document to run roxygen2::roxygenise() and update the PR, and \style to run styler::style_pkg() and update the PR.


Only adds the GitHub Actions badge. Use for a project where GitHub Actions is already configured.

See also

use_github_action() for setting up a specific action.