Sets up continuous integration (CI) for an R package that is developed on GitHub using GitHub Actions. CI can be used to trigger various operations for each push or pull request, such as:

  • Run R CMD check on various operating systems and R versions

  • Build and deploy a pkgdown site

  • Determine test coverage

This family of functions

  • Adds the necessary configuration files and lists them in .Rbuildignore.

  • Provides the markdown to insert a badge into your README.


use_github_actions_badge(name = "R-CMD-check", repo_spec = NULL)



Specifies the workflow whose status the badge will report. This is the name keyword that appears in the workflow .yaml file.


Optional GitHub repo specification in this form: owner/repo. This can usually be inferred from the GitHub remotes of active project.


Configures a basic R CMD check workflow on GitHub Actions by adding a standard R-CMD-check.yaml file to the .github/workflows directory of the active project.


Generates a GitHub Actions badge and that's all. It does not configure a workflow.

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