use_description() creates a DESCRIPTION file. Although mostly associated with R packages, a DESCRIPTION file can also be used to declare dependencies for a non-package projects. Within such a project, devtools::install_deps() can then be used to install all the required packages. Note that, by default, use_decription() checks for a CRAN-compliant package name. You can turn this off with check_name = FALSE.

usethis consults the following sources, in this order, to set DESCRIPTION fields:

The fields discovered via options or the usethis package can be viewed with use_description_defaults().

If you create a lot of packages, consider storing personalized defaults as a named list in an option named "usethis.description". Here's an example of code to include in .Rprofile:

  usethis.description = list(
    `Authors@R` = 'person("Jane", "Doe", email = "", role = c("aut", "cre"),
                          comment = c(ORCID = "YOUR-ORCID-ID"))',
    License = "MIT + file LICENSE",
    Language =  "es"
use_description(fields = NULL, check_name = TRUE)




A named list of fields to add to DESCRIPTION, potentially overriding default values. See use_description() for how you can set personalized defaults using package options


Whether to check if the name is valid for CRAN and throw an error if not

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if (FALSE) { use_description() use_description(fields = list(Language = "es")) use_description_defaults() }