pkgdown makes it easy to turn your package into a beautiful website. usethis provides two functions help you use pkgdown:

  • use_pkgdown(): creates a pkgdown config file, adds relevant files or directories to .Rbuildignore and .gitignore, and builds favicons if your package has a logo.

  • use_pkgdown_github_pages(): implements the GitHub setup needed to automatically publish your pkgdown site to GitHub pages:

    • use_github_pages() prepares to publish the pkgdown site from the github-pages branch

    • use_github_action("pkgdown") configures a GitHub Action to automatically build the pkgdown site and deploy it via GitHub Pages

    • The pkgdown site's URL is added to the pkgdown configuration file, to the URL field of DESCRIPTION, and to the GitHub repo.

use_pkgdown_travis() is deprecated; we no longer recommend that you use Travis-CI.

use_pkgdown(config_file = "_pkgdown.yml", destdir = "docs")





Path to the pkgdown yaml config file


Target directory for pkgdown docs

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