pkgdown makes it easy to turn your package into a beautiful website. There are two helper functions:

  • use_pkgdown(): creates a pkgdown config file and adds the file and destination directory to .Rbuildignore.

  • use_pkgdown_travis(): helps you set up pkgdown for automatic deployment on Travis-CI. Specifically, it:

    • Adds the docs/ folder to .gitignore and .Rbuildignore.

    • Builds favicons if your package contains a package logo, and adds the resulting pkgdown/ folder to .Rbuildignore.

    • Creates an empty gh-pages branch for the pkgdown site to be deployed to.

    • Prompts you about what to do next regarding Travis-CI deployment keys and updating your .travis.yml.

use_pkgdown(config_file = "_pkgdown.yml", destdir = "docs")




Path to the pkgdown yaml config file


Target directory for pkgdown docs

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