pkgdown makes it easy to turn your package into a beautiful website. A couple functions help you begin to use pkgdown:

  • use_pkgdown(): creates a pkgdown config file, adds relevant files or directories to .Rbuildignore and .gitignore, and builds favicons if your package has a logo.

  • use_github_action("pkgdown") configures a GitHub Actions workflow to build and deploy your pkgdown site whenever you push changes to GitHub. Learn more about use_github_action(). This approach is actively maintained, because it is in use across many tidyverse, r-lib, and tidymodels packages.

  • use_pkgdown_travis() Soft-deprecated lifecycle helps you set up pkgdown for automatic deployment on Travis-CI. This is soft-deprecated, as the tidyverse team has shifted away from Travis-CI and towards GitHub Actions. use_pkgdown_travis() creates an empty gh-pages branch for the site and prompts about next steps regarding deployment keys and updating your .travis.yml. Requires that the current user can push to the primary repo, which must be configured as the origin remote.

use_pkgdown(config_file = "_pkgdown.yml", destdir = "docs")




Path to the pkgdown yaml config file


Target directory for pkgdown docs

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