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User-configurable options consulted by usethis, which provide a mechanism for setting default behaviors for various functions.

If the built-in defaults don't suit you, set one or more of these options. Typically, this is done in the .Rprofile startup file, which you can open for editing with edit_r_profile() - this will set the specified options for all future R sessions. Your code will look something like:

  usethis.description = list(
    "Authors@R" = utils::person(
      "Jane", "Doe",
      email = "",
      role = c("aut", "cre"),
      comment = c(ORCID = "YOUR-ORCID-ID")
    License = "MIT + file LICENSE"
  usethis.destdir = "/path/to/folder/", # for use_course(), create_from_github()
  usethis.protocol = "ssh", # Use ssh git protocol
  usethis.overwrite = TRUE # overwrite files in Git repos without confirmation

Options for the usethis package

  • usethis.description: customize the default content of new DESCRIPTION files by setting this option to a named list. If you are a frequent package developer, it is worthwhile to pre-configure your preferred name, email, license, etc. See the example above and the article on usethis setup for more details.

  • usethis.destdir: Default directory in which to place new projects downloaded by use_course() and create_from_github(). If this option is unset, the user's Desktop or similarly conspicuous place will be used.

  • usethis.protocol: specifies your preferred transport protocol for Git. Either "https" (default) or "ssh":

    • usethis.protocol = "https" implies<OWNER>/<REPO>.git

    • usethis.protocol = "ssh" implies<OWNER>/<REPO>.git

    You can also change this for the duration of your R session with use_git_protocol().

  • usethis.overwrite: If TRUE, usethis overwrites an existing file without asking for user confirmation if the file is inside a Git repo. The rationale is that the normal Git workflow makes it easy to see and selectively accept/discard any proposed changes.

  • usethis.quiet: Set to TRUE to suppress user-facing messages. Default FALSE.

  • usethis.allow_nested_project: Whether or not to allow you to create a project inside another project. This is rarely a good idea, so this option defaults to FALSE.